Mobile Development Training

The Connected Things group at Fraunhofer AICOS develops mobile solutions considering scalability, reliability, privacy, and interoperability. We have prepared a set of training series on Mobile development ranging from basic concepts to architecture patterns.




The creation of long living, reliable and stable software solutions is directly tied to the developer itself. His ability to produce and document good straightforward modular code will dictate how reusable and reliable the solution will be.

Fraunhofer AICOS offers class-leading training series on Mobile software development (mainly Android/iOS) to help clients learn about the process and implementation. The program can be custom built based on the client‘s needs, level of expertise and short term objectives. Thanks to several years of experience and market-ready solutions, we can provide training on various topics of mobile computing. The training may range from basic solutions development and debugging to more advanced scenarios such as continuous integration, modular design, test-driven-development, sensorial data and dependency injection. Based on the client‘s end goal and objectives, we can also consult on best implementation choices and technologies.


Key Benefits


> Custom training sessions based on the client‘s profile and objectives;

> Hands-on training with the support of experienced developers;

> Extensive selection of available technologies;

> Introduction of sustainable software techniques.



Introduction to Android/iOS Development

Basic concepts of version controlling your code, IDE tools (Android Studio), UI Design and demo application deployment.


Test your Application

Methods and best practices to introduce unit and instrumental testing to your applications, supported by a continuous integration system.


Make your application Ambient Aware

Overview and examples on the usage of sensors like IMU, proximity, and GPS.


Advanced Application

Overview of architecture patterns (MVVM/MVC) and persistence methods.


Take your app to the store

Code obfuscation, localisation, crash reporting platforms, versioning, product flavours and remote monitoring.



Webinar and Workshop with theoretical and hands-on sessions

Starting Date:

Regularly and upon request


According to client’s needs


Available courses range from beginner, intermediate to advanced

Course Fee:

Contact us for a quotation


Mobile Development Training Flyer


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