Social ExerGaming, Dancing and Tai Chi for wellbeing and fall prevention


Active@Home intends to be a holistic approach to increase physical activity of elderly, while motivating them through challenging and fun interactive video game-based training with dance and Tai Chi elements.


Falls are one of the most common health related problems in the elderly, representing more than 50% of the hospitalizations due to injuries, in this age group. The consequences of a fall have a great impact on the personís quality of life. Besides the physical injury, falls can lead to fear of falling, restriction of movements and physical activity which may result in social isolation, depression and even cognitive decline. Being physically active is one of the ways of preventing disability and promoting independence. Structured exercise training is recommended to improve physical functioning and health status of older people.



Active@Home features challenging and fun interactive video games with dance, Tai Chi and cognitive training elements. Exercises are monitored using wearable motion sensors and are guided by user-friendly virtual characters. Structured interventions for balance, strength and cognitive training are combined with joyful and entertaining experiences to be motivating. Multi-player games and community events sharing are also included to nourish social interaction and avoid isolation.



Structured cognitive-motor training can effectively improve balance, strength, coordination and cognitive skills of elderly people. Through entertainment and fun, Active@Home promotes physical activity at home and fosters fall prevention, contributing to healthy and independent living.



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