Synthetic and Scalable Data Platform for Medical Empowered AI


AISym4Med provides a platform that will give access to a reliable dataset system enhanced with controlled data synthesis for experimentation and modelling to healthcare data engineers, practitioners, and academics. This platform will handle data security and privacy by integrating cutting-edge anonymization methods, attribute-based privacy controls, and effective tracking devices.

In order to generate pertinent scientific impacts, AISym4Med will focus on scientific excellence in the generation and dissemination of new knowledge as well as the provision of relevant and verified evidence on practical applications of the developed solution.

Moreover, by confirming the ability of a reliable dataset system to be implemented in complex scenarios and adapt to the current data availability in cross-border circumstances, AISym4Med will also have an economic and technological impact.

Furthermore, AISym4Med project will have an impact on society by fostering cooperation between the various stakeholders in the health sector, promoting the sharing of health data on a regional, national, and international level, and ensuring compliance with ethical and legal requirements such as GDPR, cybersecurity. It also does this by creating new synthetic data and by raising public acceptance of AI.
As a result, through this project, AISym4MED partners want to try to reach the following outcomes:

- Contribute to GDPR compliant guidelines and rules for data anonymisation.

- Access to cutting-edge, secure data processing tools for testing and developing reliable, data-driven digital solutions and services in response to the requirements of researchers, clinicians, and larger health systems.

- Facilitate the innovation process through cross-border health data hubs by offering dependable, secure testing environments.

- Provide a wider range of high-quality data tools and services for clinicians, patients, as well as individuals for health care, prevention, diagnosis, treatment, and follow-up.

- Give more opportunities to innovators and researchers to test and develop GDPR compliant data driven solutions based on actual needs of the health care environments.






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