Smart System for the Management and Control of Shift Workers’ Circadian Rhythms



The main goal of the Clockwork project is to create a healthy and comfortable work environment by supporting middle-aged to older adults in the improvement of their circadian rhythms. Particularly, the solution will target shift workers, such as healthcare professionals, who are greatly affected by chronodisruption, which can thus lead to health issues, long absences or early retirement.

This objective will be achieved through the enhancement of external synchronizers that will help older adult workers maintain a healthy and robust day and night rhythm by introducing some imperceptible modification in their environment.

To do this, three main tools will be used: an activity monitoring device, a feedback and support application framework and an innovative environmental circadian empowering system module, which includes the design of a lighting device, a wireless sensor network and actuators to regulate the environment. The feedback and support application framework is not only the platform that communicates with the user, but it is also responsible for managing the information gathered by the sensors and controlling the different devices to adjust the environmental conditions to the person’s needs.



Fraunhofer AICOS (coordinator); Ab.Acus Srl; BCB – Informática y Control SL; Grado Zero Espace Srl; KOHS PIMEX – Kviecien Occupational Health Solutions; RK Tech Ltd.



User activity monitoring and smart home environment to control users’ circadian rhythm.



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