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Since the beginning of its implementation in 2008, the Associação Fraunhofer Portugal Research has developed a number of Scientific and Technological Knowledge Transfer initiatives in order to promote the results of their applied research projects, and simultaneously promote the importance and the contribution of this research to the development of society in general.

This project presents a set of actions in the field of dissemination and diffusion of new knowledge and technologies generated in R&D and further actions in the field of effective demonstration of this knowledge, intending to make a remarkable contribution to overcome circumstantial difficulties and to be able also to demonstrate a model of good practice in technology transfer to the other entities of the Portuguese system of R&I. The project is focused on the following two types of activities:

> Initiatives related to interaction and scientific knowledge transfer, with a view to economic recovery including network activities, national and international promotion, with the completion of the idea contest ’Fraunhofer Portugal Challenge‘ and a new initiative called the ’Fraunhofer Collective Transfer Day‘;

> Dissemination actions and dissemination of new knowledge and technology generated within the R&D activities of the FhP-AICOS, located in Porto, for national and international business community, involving sectoral actions of experimentation and construction projects pilot demonstrators in the areas of information and communication technologies for development, ‘information and communication technologies for development – ICT4D,’ and also in the area of assistive technology to Assisted Living for Intelligent Environments, ‘Ambient Assisted Living – AAL’.



> Knowledge Transfer Initiatives (Fraunhofer Portugal Challenge and Fraunhofer Collective Transfer Day);

> Dissemination of Pilot Projects related to ICT4D;

> Dissemination of Pilot Projects related to AAL.



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