Usage of Artificial Intelligence to Power Teledermatological Screening



Skin cancer corresponds annually to about one-third of all cancers detected in Portugal, affecting one in seven people throughout their lifetime. In Portugal, the number of cases has been increasing two to three percent per year.



This project aims to improve the existing Teledermatology processes between Primary Care Units (PCU) and Dermatology Services in the National Health Service for skin lesions diagnosis through the usage of Artificial Intelligence (AI).

The framework will change processes by assisting both: general practitioners, in PCU, through a computer vision-based mobile application integrated with the eReferral system (RSE-SIGA); and dermatologists, through an AI-powered Risk Prioritization and Decision Support platform, to be included in the eReferral system.



Besides contributing to the societal challenges of healthcare processes optimization, early diagnosis and survival rates improvements, this project foresees a fundamental contribution to the area of AI and m-Health technologies’ integration and impact assessment in real operational environment.




Project Duration:

January 2019 to March 2022



“DERM.AI – Usage of Artificial Intelligence to power Teledermatological Screening” project, with reference DSAIPA/AI/0031/2018, is a joint project with Fraunhofer AICOS and SPMS, E.P.E financially supported by national funds through ‘FCT – Foundation for Science and Technology’ in the scope of “Projects of Scientific Research and Technological Development in Data Science and Artificial Intelligence in Public Administration 2018”.


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