Demonstration of EyeFundusScope with Non-Expert Ophthalmology users



Diabetic Retinopathy (DR) is a major complication of Diabetes Mellitus which affects 34.6% of patients worldwide, and a leading cause of blindness. In early stages DR can be successfully treated. However, as the initial progression is asymptomatic, the diagnosis often happens in advanced phases of the disease. DR can be screened, by taking images of the retina and examining the fundus of the eye, but the coverage of the screening programmes is rarely sufficient.



To increase the reach of DR screening, this project uses a mobile eye fundus camera and an information systems to support screenings. The mobile eye fundus camera EyeFundusScope is composed of a 3D printed prototype, with industrial design dedicated to be combined with a smartphone to capture the background of the eye. By being quick, affordable and easy to operate, EyeFundusScope can evolve to be used during medical appointments with general practitioners and endocrinologists, who daily deal with a wide range of patients.


This project is studying the different impacts of implementing the EyeFundusScope at Hospital CUF Infante Santo. The EyeFunduscope was optimised for non-experts in Ophthalmology in the context of CUF, and integrated with a leading information system to support screening from First Solutions.  Retinal images, acquired during medical appointments and community actions, will be assessed by CUF Ophthalmologists, who will follow-up in case DR is present. The project will comprise two pilots at CUF, lasting 4 and 12 months, and evaluation activities in the community along a period of 9 months. The pilots will assess the (1) efficacy of the system, the (2) impact in clinicians’ work, the (3) technology acceptance, and the (4) cost of the system.



Based on the results from the pilots, the consortium expects to prove the potential of the system to drastically increase the number of patients with diabetes screened for DR every year. The resulting solution will be viable, cost-effective, usable and well accepted by non-specialists in Ophthalmology, which should lead to a speedy commercialisation after the project end.



José Mello Saúde (coordinator); Fraunhofer Portugal; First Solutions SA


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