Planning and optimizing cell towers locations and actuation are tasks that currently rely on georeferenced data acquired by cumbersome processes that require driving around cities registering signal variations. Data collected this way is limited because it only corresponds to locations where vehicles are allowed to operate, excluding the inside of buildings, parks, and other large areas.

Since most of our interaction with mobile devices is done indoors, carefully understanding the penetration of mobile telephony signals throughout the interior of large buildings has great potential of helping mobile operators providing better services for their customers and reduce operational costs.



GARMIO is directed towards researching and developing a software solution for mobile communications operators. This solution will provide precise georeferentiation for cell signal data acquired from mobile device users in both indoor and outdoor settings, without requiring GPS data. This data will be further characterized by the mobility patterns of the users as these can have a large impact on signal quality.



The developed solution will provide mobile communications operators the data and the tools to further optimize their networks in both indoor and outdoor settings. This data acquisition will not rely on any cumbersome acquisition protocols or dedicated equipment, thus greatly reduce the associated costs.

Furthermore, given the large potential of these technologies, new business areas that benefit the final consumer could be exploited such as targeted advertising and indoor navigation systems.


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