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Successful approaches to global markets require a deep technological preparation from companies regardless their size or industry sector.

i.4.0 project - Lead the Digital Transformation - aims to encourage the adoption of Industry 4.0 methodologies in Portuguese SMEs, leading to their empowerment through cooperation between technology enablers and companies in traditional and technological sectors.

This initiative intends to promote benchmarking activities that will lead to digital transformation, new organizational methods adoption and processes implementation, and increasing flexibility and capacity in the market worldwide. The project will bestow access to markets, technologies and skills building competitiveness, organizational innovation and value creation.

Fraunhofer will lead this project promoting the link between the entities and the Research & Innovation (I&I) sector, promoting partnerships with several companies so that they adopt increasingly efficient and dynamic working and industrialization methods.

The remaining partners, Sanjotec and Inovaria, have a strong connection with a valuable and diverse group of technology-intensive companies, startups, small and medium-sized companies and some large companies. Aiming that the project has impactful effects, they will be decisive for a wide transference of results enabling companies to better adapt to the defying markets.



Before embarking on a qualification strategy, it is necessary to collect information and, through its analysis, produce valuable knowledge that can be applied in the national industrial sector. This information is based on learning from the best experiences of similar companies and will help to explain the whole process that involves an excellent business "performance" - improvement of business models, products and production processes, as well as to outline strategies that support the increase of competitiveness of companies.

INFORMATION - To present a diagnosis of the Portuguese industry reality targeted and to identify the strategic and operational objectives to make this sector more competitive.

SENSITIZATION / MOBILIZATION – to sensitize companies and other stakeholders to the conclusions achieved and to the advantages by integrating global production chains.

TOOLS - provide the necessary frameworks to qualify companies.





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