Bridging the gap between R&D results and the market, particularly in the technology based medical devices market, has proven to be a challenge – a difficulty shared by most national R&D organizations.

To help bridge this gap, Fraunhofer Portugal AICOS will be leading a new knowledge transfer project, aiming not only to strengthen our ability to reinforce the economic value of the developed knowledge and to create an effective technology transfer process to the industry, but also to empower others to do the same.

This initiative, by the name of MDevNet, will provide users with better and faster access to innovations, by delivering a knowledge and technology transfer platform. To achieve this, the initiative contemplates the creation of a national network of partners, including public authorities, consumer advocacy groups, R&D organizations, and companies involved in the commercialization and distribution within the industry of technology-based medical devices.



Through several work meetings, workshops and seminars, we aim to promote interaction and transfer of knowledge, namely, to collectively identify, gather and make available information regarding the regulation and operational requirements with direct impact in the technology-based medical devices industry, as well as best practices.

MDevNet also aims to promote collaborative incremental developments, both for new design solutions and for new approaches to their usability, using existing solutions that can either individually or jointly bring a greater attractiveness to the market.

This will be accompanied by the dissemination of improved R&D results, that is, pilot projects demonstrative of the new approach in technology transfer. Lastly, the results obtained throughout these activities will be universally diffused to increase the collective and intangible competitive factors that affect the industry.



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