New Generation Test Systems for Future Automotive Electronics



The New Generation Test Systems for Future Automotive Electronics (NewGen TS-FAE) project will result in three internationally innovative test systems:

1. Intelligent ICT test system with augmented reality;
2. Intelligent test sytem for visual inspection and quality control for next generation displays;
3. Hardware-in-Loop (HIL) test system for intelligent platforms with ADAS 2+ and superior controllers.

A new integrated IoT ecosystem will also be developed with cognitive intelligence, data bases and data mining systems to process, aggregate and integrate, in real time, automatic modifications and adaptations of the test systems themselves to different operating conditions, new product features and industrialization process updates. Data safety will also be a priority, with the experimental development of blockchain methods applied to data traceability.

The NewGen TS-FAE project will develop the first test systems for automotive electronics with cognitive intelligence and the capability to adapt its own operation by automatically modifying, for example, type and number of tests, considering product characteristics and past results.

This approach can be extended to any electronics industry, where cognitive capabilities will increase quality, efficiency and reliability of the test systems.

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