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According to the European Parliament, by 2030 AI is estimated to give an additional economic output of around €11 trillion, increasing global GDP by about 1.2 % annually. The Center for Responsible AI will create the next generation of AI products, addressing this massive global market.

But AI is exceptionally challenging, with numerous risks that can limit its full potential, namely in sensitive domains like Data Privacy, with the potential misuse of private user information, Life Sciences, where lives can actually be threatened by bad AI decisions, or even Climate Change, due to the usage of daunting computational resources that ultimately lead to carbon emissions.

These risks are so relevant that legislation is already being produced in order to regulate AI products. The EU AI Act published last year is a perfect example. In just two years, Europe is expected to have legislation enforcing the creation of regulatory sandboxes to approve the launch of high-risk AI products.

Responsible AI technologies and principles are the key to address these challenges and bring all the benefits of AI to humanity while ensuring sustainability and no harm. They are the technological answer to the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals set by the United Nations.

To accomplish this mission, the Center for Responsible AI will be formed by an ecosystem of startups and research institutions (on an unprecedented scale in Portugal).


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