vOice Screening of CoronA viRus


This project aims to develop a service for the identification of suspected cases of COVID-19 based on NOS voice technology already on the market. In addition to this service, the provision of a platform for epidemiological studies for researchers, so that they can have access to voice data, as well as improve and develop new algorithms for the investigation of respiratory diseases such as asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) or chronic cough. This new service will be tested on approximately 500 customers for two months. With a multidisciplinary consortium, this project allows not only to act quickly in a COVID-19 context, but also to other medical contexts that involve the screening of other acute and chronic respiratory diseases.

OSCAR has the following scientific goals:

1) Development of an intelligent algorithm for processing the voice signal in order to perform a pre-screening of COVID-19 or other respiratory diseases at the person’s home;

2) Integration of a new functionality in the NOS Remote app dedicated to COVID-19, using NOS Inovação voice technology.

3) Availability of the result in the following 10 minutes, and if so, the person should be directed to an SNS support line.

4) Provision of a platform for researchers so that they can have access to biometric and epidemiological information from voice data in a safe and confidential way for research purposes in the field of respiratory or other related diseases.


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