A solution to validate the shelf layout


Planning the shop layout is one of the most crucial tasks in the retail business nowadays. The right placement of products in a modern supermarket determines significantly the number of sold items.

To maximize the overall income, supermarkets optimize the shelf layout and put products with a high profit margin on prominent places in the aisles. The manufactures of the products are willing to pay the supermarkets a so called shelf rent, in order to influence the shop layout and to promote their own goods. The wrong placement of a product might therefore not only result in worse revenue, but also in contractual penalties. As the shop layout changes frequently, there is a permanent need for control which involves high costs since currently the task must be manually performed.

The aim of the ShopView project is to automate the task of controlling the implementation of planograms, by creating a system which uses state of the art image processing technology to recognize misplaced products. The system will consist of a semi-automatic device to take images of the supermarket and software which performs the image processing and compares the real world data with the information stored in the planning software of the supermarket. The ShopView system will significantly decrease the rate of wrong product placements while decreasing costs of control at the same time.


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