A real-time surf session profiling tool, which characterizes all its events using inertial and geolocation data from the surfer’s own smartphone and artificial intelligence algorithms




Surf is a popular sport enjoyed all around the world. Even though performance-related metrics are highly valuable for both recreational and professional surfers, there are very limited objective data available to keep track of the evolution of surf performance. While there are some surf-dedicated gadgets which aim to do the trick, the amount of provided information is frequently limited and/or inaccurate. As such, surf performance evaluation and evolution tracking remain subjective for most surf practitioners, unlike what happens for many other sports, in which key performance analytics are quite present.



FhP-AICOS has been conducting research activities in Surf Performance Analysis since 2014, developing a framework for detecting and characterizing surf session events with minimal invasiveness and cost, while achieving top performance on the computation of key performance analytics of high impact for keeping track of the evolution of surfers at all levels.

Our solution does not require any surf-dedicated equipment – just the surfer’s own smartphone – to extract a large set of metrics from the surf session, namely number of waves, travelled distance, wave speed, number of paddles, paddling speed, and maneuver rotation angles and speeds. The system monitors torso movements with high precision using sophisticated sensor fusion techniques, based on which the analysis is performed, in real-time. It is currently available via mobile and web apps, which showcase part of the potential of the performed analysis with additional appealing features, like automatic surf session video segmentation and navigation.



Our surf monitoring tool is based on scientifically validated algorithms of state-of-the-art performance and detailed event tracking resolution, bringing unprecedented reliability to the extracted metrics in the surf tracking field. Additionally, it tracks more metrics than all other currently available solutions alone. Combining these factors, this low-cost solution without surf-dedicated devices can achieve a more thorough assessment of each surfer’s profile than its direct competitors, improving the monitoring of its evolution over time.




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