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Derm.AI project wins HINTT Award


The Derm.AI project was awarded by its technological potential of fighting late diagnosis of skin cancer.


Paper published at the Journal of Imaging


"Incremental Learning for Dermatological Imaging Modality Classification" proposes two models that were trained with different incremental learning strategies. 


Submissions open


Applications open for the new Data Scientist Specialized in Data Analytics training course.

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Derm.AI wins HINTT Award in the category of Clinical Outcomes


Developed by Fraunhofer Portugal AICOS (FhP-AICOS) together with Serviços Partilhados do Ministério da Saúde (SPMS) and the entities IPO Coimbra, CHUP and ULS Guarda, the Derm.AI project was the big winner of the sixth edition of the HINTT Awards in the category of Clinical Outcomes.



Submissions open for the Data Scientist Specialized in Data Analytics Training Course


The new training relies on FhP-AICOS’ expertise in Intelligent Systems, with knowledge in areas such as Signal and Image Processing, and Machine Learning, nuclear to the development of systems capable of perceive, analyse, learn, and support decision making.



Master Students 2021 – Final Workshop


Knowing that the passage from an academic environment to the business market is very often a stressful period, Fraunhofer Portugal AICOS wants to provide a middle ground to young master students, allowing them to develop their research projects in a professional environment and in close collaboration with the FhP-AICOS’ team.


Rapid Prototyping

We help our partners create early prototypes of technology to enable technical verification and quick decision making. Rapid prototyping services at AICOS include software and hardware.

Innovation Studies

We offer custom-designed studies, analyses of the state of the art, and technology assessment. In order to tailor technology to users’ needs and demands, we also help our partners gain in-depth knowledge of their target groups.

Education and Training

As part of our catalogue of services, we offer technical and scientific workshops, as well as professional training, in order to increase capacity building within our partners’ and clients’ teams.


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