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AICOS training course


Fraunhofer AICOS is offering a training course on “Learning from Users: User Research Methods for Technology Design”.


AICOS present at National Science Summit 2019


Fraunhofer AICOS will have a session about the Value-Based Healthcare at the National Science Summit 2019.


Fraunhofer Portugal Challenge 2019


10 years encouraging and promoting to your ideas! Submit your idea based on an MSc or PhD thesis until the 31st of July, 2019.

Latest News



Fraunhofer AICOS present in Mozambique

Under the scope of Sustainable Villages for Development (SV4D) project, developed by Fraunhofer AICOS, in partnership with ARCTEL and FSAU/ARECOM, our researcher Waldir Júnior was in Mozambique, on May 27th, for the official inauguration of the SV4D infrastructure.




AICOS joins ProjectAfrica, funded by LEAP-AGRI, to leverage the potential of computer vision, sensor integration and smartphones in agriculture


In line with previous efforts to tackle the challenges of the present and the future in the area of digital farming, AICOS has joined ProjectAfrica (“On-site air-to-fertilizer mini-plants relegated by sensor-based ICT technology to foster African agriculture”).



Fraunhofer AICOS present at the Medical School of the University of Porto

AICOS’ Micron portfolio was showcased by our researcher Luís Rosado, who was as guest speaker at the “Basics of Clinical Pathology” course, at FMUP, on May 24th.


Rapid Prototyping

We help our partners create early prototypes of technology to enable technical verification and quick decision making. Rapid prototyping services at AICOS include software and hardware.

Innovation Studies

We offer custom-designed studies, analyses of the state of the art, and technology assessment. In order to tailor technology to users’ needs and demands, we also help our partners gain in-depth knowledge of their target groups.

Education and Training

As part of our catalogue of services, we offer technical and scientific workshops, as well as professional training, in order to increase capacity building within our partners’ and clients’ teams.


Applied research designed to bring value to businesses and society, connecting: PEOPLE, INTELLIGENCE, THINGS.