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Fraunhofer Portugal Challenge 2020 - Closing Event


Register here and participate in the closing event of the Fraunhofer Portugal Challenge 2020 (October 28th, 2:00pm).


MIT Portugal 2020 Annual Conference


The OPERATOR project is being presented at the MIT Portugal 2020 Annual Conference (October 15).


i4.0 Lead Digital Transformation


i4.0 LDT is a new FhP-AICOS project, in partnership with Sanjotec and InovaRia, intended to capacitate and qualify Portuguese companies. The presentation is taking place on Oct. 14, from 2pm to 4pm. 

Latest News



CodiEsp: AICOS team stands out in natural language processing competition


A Fraunhofer AICOS team – The Mental Strokers –, led by researcher João Costa, was runner up in an international competition on automatic clinical coding (CodiEsp - CLEF eHealth 2020).



Fraunhofer AICOS creates wearable to monitor athletes in real time


A wearable device that uses motion sensors and allows to track the position of the wearer, as well as estimates, in case of loss of GPS connection, his/her position (based on movement and speed). This is the Sport Tracker, a system developed at Fraunhofer AICOS and designed to track and monitor athletes in real time.



Fraunhofer Portugal launches technology transfer, entrepreneurship, and innovation program - AHEAD Portugal


September 28th was an historic day for Fraunhofer Portugal with the launching of the technology transfer, entrepreneurship and innovation program - AHEAD Portugal.


Rapid Prototyping

We help our partners create early prototypes of technology to enable technical verification and quick decision making. Rapid prototyping services at AICOS include software and hardware.

Innovation Studies

We offer custom-designed studies, analyses of the state of the art, and technology assessment. In order to tailor technology to users’ needs and demands, we also help our partners gain in-depth knowledge of their target groups.

Education and Training

As part of our catalogue of services, we offer technical and scientific workshops, as well as professional training, in order to increase capacity building within our partners’ and clients’ teams.


Applied research designed to bring value to businesses and society, connecting: PEOPLE, INTELLIGENCE, THINGS.