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FhP-AWAM is hiring!


The new research center for Smart Agriculture and Water Management – Fraunhofer Portugal AWAM – is hiring! Check out the requirements and responsibilities for each position.


IN3+ Awards


Two of the five finalists for the IN3+ awards are from FhP-AICOS: AICeBlock and MOBA.

Find out more about these innovative ideas and the team behind them on the link below.




A Mobilizer Project which aims to boost, in Portugal, an ecosystem dedicated to research and development, production, commercialization and dissemination of medical Smart Health technologies.

Latest News



EyesOnTraps on the field: sensors installed at vineyards in the Douro region


Within the EyesOnTraps project, a team of FhP-AICOS researchers installed sensors in one of the Douro's stakeholders’ vineyards, in order to collect and analyze different data for pest prevention in vineyards.



OPERATOR: The human side of Industry 4.0


The OPERATOR project has started in March 2020 with the aim of ensuring the well-being (physical and mental) of the industry worker. To this end, and given the project's focus on the human side, the first months of this international project were devoted precisely to fieldwork, with direct contact with professionals and an analysis of their needs.



SAIFFER - Artificial intelligence brings security to lone workers


FhP-AICOS and the French company Neogivie, of the ICOM France group, have come together to develop a more advanced and intelligent technology which, by using artificial intelligence techniques, allows defining patterns and predicting risk situations. 


Rapid Prototyping

We help our partners create early prototypes of technology to enable technical verification and quick decision making. Rapid prototyping services at AICOS include software and hardware.

Innovation Studies

We offer custom-designed studies, analyses of the state of the art, and technology assessment. In order to tailor technology to users’ needs and demands, we also help our partners gain in-depth knowledge of their target groups.

Education and Training

As part of our catalogue of services, we offer technical and scientific workshops, as well as professional training, in order to increase capacity building within our partners’ and clients’ teams.


Applied research designed to bring value to businesses and society, connecting: PEOPLE, INTELLIGENCE, THINGS.