Fraunhofer Portugal AICOS (FhP-AICOS) is promoting several dissemination actions of technological and scientific knowledge and results. Contests, knowledge transfer days, workshops, studies, exhibitions, networking and the participation at international events are some of the actions proposed by the Portuguese research center for the next months.


The focus of Collective Transfer Fraunhofer Portugal (CTFhP) is to promote the results of applied research projects as well as their importance and contribution to the development of society. With this purpose in mind, the institution has planned three types of continuous actions to knowledge transfer around the world.

Fraunhofer Portugal Challenge and Fraunhofer Collective Transfer Day are the first group of initiatives. As for the first, in the next two editions of the ideas’ contest, FhP-AICOS expects to receive more than 100 scientific projects, of which 6 Master Theses and 6 PhD Theses will be granted an award. Similarly, two editions of the Fraunhofer Collective Transfer Day will be organized within the duration of the project, which will place more than 500 public and private entities in contact with the latest scientific and technological results and also divulge the process of scientific investigation.

The second type of actions aims to disseminate the Information and Communication Technology for Development (ICT4D) at African countries. Eight workshops, two pilot projects, ten direct dissemination actions with public and private entities, 80 new contacts for networking and the first part of a valorisation study for research and development will emerge during the next months in the context of this action.

The Ambient Assisting Living (AAL) is the third type of initiatives, in which FhP-AICOS will participate in six networking events with companies, establish contact with 100 national and international companies, produce ten reports with results and scientific and technological information, implement two pilot projects with public and private entities, promote ten actions with public and private entities to disseminate results, mature six technologies from FhP and produce the second part of a valorisation study for research and development.

The CTFhP project is co-funded by Portugal 2020, framed under Norte 2020 and European Regional Development Fund from European Union.