FhP-AICOS’ technology showcased to businesswomen from RML



Rede Mulher Líder (RML) is a business network for women and a space of ​​trust, reflection, knowledge sharing and business improvement, in group and in bilateral contacts.

Its members are women executive board members of high-performance companies, many of which are PME Líder or PME Excelência (SME Leader and SME Excellence, national awards for financial performance). 

For having a female leader, Liliana Ferreira, Fraunhofer Portugal AICOS is also part of Rede Mulher Líder and, therefore, we have hosted a group of more than 20 women from RML.

Within the visit, we showcased several of our technological solutions, such as OPERATOR, EyesOnTraps, COTIDIANA, μSmartScope, and VAICeramics.

The fact that these businesswomen represent companies from different activities created a very interesting moment of idea exchange. The group was able to envision new use cases and think of potential new solutions. The visit ended with a hands-on workshop, which valued creativity and fundamental concepts related to innovation and technology.