Future Yämmi

Research and development of next generation functionalities for smart, autonomous, and convenient kitchen robots


Kitchen robots are increasingly used appliances, both at home and at work, which facilitate the meal preparation process through a series of programmable steps that have to be combined with the attention of the operator. Considering the central role that the robot can assume in the kitchen, and to simplify the process from the user‘s point of view, several opportunities for improvement have been identified, in terms of:

> Technological trends related with digital context and the connectivity of the appliance with other appliances and user interaction;

> Information that can be made available by the kitchen robot, in terms of nutrition, food safety and the origin of used products;

> More independent operation capacity, to reduce the time of attention required from the operator;

> Remote management to reduce post-sale problems.


In this context, the “Future yämmi“ project aims to research and develop new advanced technological solutions to be applied in kitchen robots, in order to direct their evolution to connected innovative equipment that are the main hub of the kitchen, with the implementation of features linked to the following solutions:

> Interface and connectivity;

> Nutritional intelligence;

> Food replenishment and traceability;

> Sensing and automation;

> Analytical intelligence for equipment management.


With this project, the consortium led by Continente Hipermercados and including PR Metal, JAMSTech, InnoWave, Fraunhofer and FCT-UNL, aims to support the research and technological development associated to the innovations foreseen in the short term, and to contribute decisively to the vision defined for the future of yämmi, in order to anticipate technological trends and the demands of new consumers / users, and start to explore the potential that can be implemented in the medium and long term.


Consult the project's Spec Sheet here:

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SONAE MC (Leader); Associação Fraunhofer Portugal Research; Jamstech, LDA; PR Metal, LDA; Innowave Technologies, S.A.; Faculdade de Ciência e Tecnologia da Universidade de Lisboa.


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