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This project has a scope of intervention in the North and Centre Region (NUTS II) and aims to promote the international visibility of Portuguese companies of the Information, Communication and Electronic Technologies. It will create the proper conditions for the enhancement of training, innovation, cooperation between various agents and dynamization of promotional activities in foreign markets that allow to respond to the insufficient and inadequate external visibility of the national ICT sector.

In this context the reinforcement of internationalization is strategic for the viability of all companies in this sector because it allows them to diversify destiny markets (which are highly specialized in the use of ICT) and limit expansion risks.

Its operational objectives are as follows:

(O1.) Access new skills, good practices, concepts and knowledge generated in spaces with strong innovation dynamics, seeking to internalize them and integrate them creatively into the knowledge base of the companies;

(O2.) To reinforce by 20% the degree of ICT sector exports, namely technology-intensive products;

(O3.) Reinforce the presence in external markets, as an alternative to the reduction of the domestic market share;

(O4.) To reinforce the cooperation networks, international replication of relationships established with other companies/research centers of I&I;

(O5.) Promote the Portuguese ICT sector in target markets as a synonym of quality, sophistication, and technological robustness;

(O6.) Promote international partnerships (chambers of commerce, research and development centers, business associations, agents, importers, among others);

(O7.) Dynamize participation and dissemination of processes abroad;

(O8.) Attract structural investment to the sector, allowing it to strengthen its productivity and international exposure in global value chains;

(O9.) Through participation in international reference fairs for the sector, (i) identify the needs and evolution trends of international markets in the most relevant ICT subsectors; (ii) identify the main clients and draw up the respective international prospection profiles; (iii) access new knowledge and establish collaboration agreements with international reference agents in the sector.


Project number:  #46008

Consortium: Associação Fraunhofer Portugal Research; INOVARIA: Associação de Empresas para uma Rede de Inovação em Aveiro


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