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The Service Assisted Living project (SAL) is an Applied Engineering project that will study the application of Service Engineering and the adoption of Ambient Assisted Living technologies in the construction and operationalization of Complex Integrated Systems, namely the new Information and Communication Technologies in Health.

In Portugal, some of the new technological challenges are already well known, as the recently implemented e-Prescription. Other technological innovations are already scheduled as, for example, the Health Data Platform. Despite the large number of challenges that the Portuguese Health Ministry faces in the ICT (Information and Communications Technologies) domain for the next two years, to which this project intends to answer, the internationalization of the partners’ activity and the exportation of the products resulting from the project is their main goal.

With the Industrial Research and with the resulting innovation, SAL will design and develop products in four specific areas, namely, skin lesions risk evaluation and skin cancer prevention; healthcare for Melanoma patients, haemophiliacs and hypo coagulation patients; component for the blood chain at the national and regional level; and component for transfusion security and blood surveillance in hospital internal blood services.

The SAL project will be developed in partnership by Glintt HS, the Engineering Faculty of the University of Porto and Fraunhofer AICOS, through the integration of the competences of the three entities for the research, innovation and consequent design of New Technical Solutions for Health.

The research results and Industrial Innovation that will result from SAL will be applied in the design and construction of marketable products, that answer the questions and challenges faced in the new paradigm in which the Citizen/ End User/Patient has a central and active role in Health Management.


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