Smart Companion

A mobile companion for older adults


The smart companion is an award winning set of applications for smartphones that were specially designed to meet older adults‘ needs.



Technology can bring numerous benefits to seniors. However, unless interfaces consider their characteristics, advantages are likely to be missed. Mobile phones, for example, have great acceptance rates among older adults. Nevertheless, due to the disregard for seniors’ characteristics during the design of mobile phone user interfaces, these users often can only perform a very limited number of tasks, such as receiving and making calls.



Smart Companion was created in order to enable seniors not only to perform common mobile phone tasks, such as sending messages, but also to provide a companion that supports their daily activities.

Smart Companion also aims to bring the elderly closer to their caregivers (i.e., a relative or a physician), by allowing them to be remotely connected (indoors and outdoors) at all times. Hence, the caregivers can be aware of health-related hazardous situations and prevent them from happening, improving the seniors’ self-confidence and sense of protection, while allowing the caregivers to feel at ease regarding their cared afters.



Smart Companion has undergone usability testing with older adults and in multiple devices, from low to high-end smartphones. The solution was specially designed to address seniors’ and their Caregivers’ goals and needs, and therefore it:


>  Prevents isolation

    - Calls

    - Messages

    - Custom keyboard

    - How are you?

    - Camera and Gallery

> Promotes autonomy and quality of life

    - Activity level

    - Guide Me

    - Medication reminder

    - Scale & Blood Pressure

    - Surveys    

> Ensures Safety

    - Emergency

    - Help requests

    - Fall risk

    - Fall detection



Smart Companion Brochure


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From outstanding research to commercial success


The GoLiveClip is a product now being commercialized in Europe, developed in partnership by AICOS and the Dutch company Gociety Solutions. 

The technology derives from AICOS’ own solutions, namely Smart Companion, but also Pandlets - embedded electronics for wireless devices, which allow seamless integration with Android’s operating system, offering developers enhanced features to sense and interact with the surroundings, such as activity monitoring, fall detection, and indoor localization.

The commercial launch of this product, which occurred in 2017, attests to the success of the Fraunhofer Operational Model as a leading R&D partner for Industry, having aided the creation of a solid and market ready consumer product that will improve the quality of life of its end-users.

In 2018, the GoLiveClip technology was awarded the Silver Economy Award, in the Non-for-profit organisation category. Run by SEED, a Coordination and Support Action under H2020, this award aims to recognize innovative solutions that demonstrate a significant impact on the quality of life of the ageing population.


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