AAL4ALL Project

Fraunhofer AICOS has officially started a new project, the AAL4ALL (Ambient Assisted Living for All). This project is being developed in cooperation with 34 partners, representing a total investment of 7.2 million €.

The AAL4ALL project consists in defining specific standards for Ambient Assisted Living solutions for the Public Primary Health Care sector.

The project addresses all aspects of medical and social interaction with older and elderly persons, targeting the development of an ecosystem that fits the social, medical, economic and technical aspects of an Ambient Assisted Living solution for the users in question.

This will assure the interoperability between products and services, leading to the mitigation of risks associated to the investment in such emerging business areas, and thus originating products and services with improved chances of responding to the needs resulting from the ageing population tendency observed in many countries.

The AAL4ALL project is divided in five work packages, defined following a market-oriented rationale taking into account the specificities the products, services and users in question, and finishing with a large scale field trial with the purpose of validating the defined standards and generating an international proof of concept.

For additional information regarding this project, please download the AAL4ALL Presentation or contact us using the inquiries form.


Source: 5.04.2011 Fraunhofer Portugal